A Tremendous Road Trip

Dalton, Mike, David, Reva, Rowe, and Dre ran a week-long road trip to Cincinnati to fundraise for a top veteran’s focused non-profit. The primary goal of the trip was to help the organization achieve their fundraising targets, and the team was thrilled to have generated over $180,000 in new donor support for the cause.

In addition to the successful fundraising efforts, the team also had the opportunity to tour the organization’s headquarters and meet the heads of the organization. The team was impressed by the passion and dedication of the organization’s team and gained a deeper understanding of the mission and impact of the non-profit.

Dalton Jones led the trip, planning and organizing each day. They met with donors and potential donors, sharing the non-profit’s mission and the impact the organization has on the lives of veterans.

Their hard work paid off, and the team was excited to see the results of their efforts. Generating over $180,000 in new donor support was a significant accomplishment, and Dalton, Mike, David, Reva, Rowe, and Dre were proud to have helped the non-profit reach their fundraising goals.

Reva was the high roller of the trip, bringing in 40 individual donor contributions and demonstrating exceptional fundraising skills and dedication to the cause. David, on the other hand, brought in the most donor contributions in a single day, racking up a total of 11 individual contributions. Overall, the team brought in a total of 158 individual donor contributions during the week-long road trip, contributing significantly to the non-profit’s mission of supporting veterans.

The COO of our client provider, Sarah, expressed her gratitude for the team’s hard work, saying, “a huge thank you goes out to the Kulia team led by Dalton today. This team were absolute professionals, we could not feel more secure in our partnership after spending time with the team! Keep it going guys!”

The team’s success was a testament to their hard work, collaboration, and passion for making a positive impact on the lives of veterans. They were grateful for the opportunity to work with the non-profit and look forward to continuing their partnership in the future.

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