Kulia Business Solutions Helps Our Clients Thrive

At Kulia Business Solutions, our team drives results through a proven, peer-to-peer marketing approach. “Kulia” means “to strive” and “kulia i ka nu’u” is a Hawaiian phrase meaning to “strive for the highest”. That’s the drive for our company. We strive for new heights in on-site promotions, we also reach our potential as professionals, and in the process, make the future brighter. In everything we do, we strive for the highest.

Our personalized strategy connects innovators to passionate, like-minded audiences. Harnessing the power of our passion and energy, we champion our clients’ work through promotional events.  Our team brings energy, enthusiasm, and drive to every event we run; it shows in the results and positive impact we achieve for our clients.

How do we help non-profits?

Passion Makes Things Happen

Kulia Business Solutions gets the word out for socially responsible nonprofits and businesses. Our promotional events raise awareness about issues ranging from child focused community development to organic food choices to community safety programs. It’s a personal approach to fundraising that connects donors directly with causes they align with.


How do we help commercial clients?

We Live Your Brand

Kulia Business Solutions specializes in learning our clients’ brands and products inside and out. We develop training platforms for our Brand Ambassador team to quickly learn our clients’ products and build relationships with events locations to match target audiences. Then we put the two together. Excellently trained Brand Ambassadors at strategically chosen event sites drives customer acquisition while keeping costs low for our clients.

Who Are We?


We Are Visionaries

We believe in igniting change for the better through a personalized strategy. We deploy our expertise and creativity to grow influential networks of socially aware people nationwide.


We Are Optimists

We lead with positivity, passion, and experience into every direct promotion campaign to connect with diverse audiences. It’s the heart of what we do.


We Are Learners

We always believe we can be better.


We Are Relentless

We’re devoted to excellence. We believe constant development is how we get there.

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