The Launch of Cincinnati

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone at Kulia. In September, we expanded and opened our latest location in the vibrant city of Cincinnati, marking our first venture outside the borders of Tennessee. This expansion not only signifies a leap for us but also serves as a pivotal stepping stone for Kulia, propelling us towards our vision of growing nationally.

A Partnership That Matters: Teaming up with a renowned veteran-focused non-profit, we have combined our expertise in sales and marketing to create impactful campaigns that resonate with the community. Together, we are fostering awareness, raising funds, and making a tangible difference in the lives of veterans and their families.

Meet Dalton Jones: One of the key driving forces behind our Cincinnati venture is Dalton Jones, our talented and passionate leader. Dalton, the most recent graduate of our management training program, stepped up to the challenge and moved to Cincinnati to spearhead our new location. His passion for community engagement, coupled with his skills honed through our training program, have been instrumental in the success we’ve achieved so far.

Empowering Through Fundraising: Since our launch, our team in Cincinnati, under Dalton’s guidance, has organized a series of fundraising events and campaigns that have captured the city’s attention. They have creatively engaged the community, raising awareness about the needs of veterans and garnering substantial financial support. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and the hard work of our team, we have surpassed the $150,000 mark, with the funds directly contributing to programs and initiatives that empower veterans to gain access to vital benefits.

Looking Ahead: As we reflect on our journey in Cincinnati, we are inspired by the incredible impact we have made in such a short time. However, our work is far from over. We remain committed to our mission of empowering communities and supporting our non profit partners. With Dalton’s leadership and the unwavering dedication of our team, we are excited about the future possibilities and the positive change we can continue to bring about. This expansion marks the beginning of something monumental for us, as we take our first steps toward growing nationally under the banner of Kulia.

Our expansion to Cincinnati has been a testament to the power of collaboration, determination, and solid planning. Together with our non-profit partners, we are not just opening a new location; we are building a legacy of giving back and making a real difference. Thank you, Cincinnati, for welcoming us with open arms.

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey, and join us as we continue to create change, one step at a time.

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