Meet Dalton Jones: The Hardworking Assistant Owner Who’s Taking Our Company to New Heights

Congratulations are in order for Dalton Jones on his recent promotion to Assistant Owner! Dalton has been with our company for two years and has been a key member of the team since day one. He started in our sports betting division, but quickly demonstrated his versatility and potential by transitioning to our charities division.

In just seven months in his new role, Dalton’s hard work, dedication, and passion for the job have earned him this well-deserved promotion. We are proud to recognize his contributions to the company and are excited to see what he will achieve in his new role.

Dalton’s commitment to excellence has been evident from the very beginning. He is a very hard worker, always going above and beyond what is expected of him. He is a team player who has built strong relationships with his colleagues, and his positive attitude and energy are contagious.

One of Dalton’s major accomplishments has been his focus on building a solid sales team. He understands the importance of having a strong and efficient sales team in order to achieve our company’s goals, and he has worked tirelessly to ensure that our team is the best it can be. His efforts have already paid off, with notable improvements in sales and revenue.

Dalton’s plans for the future are ambitious, with the opening of a new office in Cincinnati in August. His vision for the company is clear, and his dedication to achieving our goals is unwavering. With Dalton at the helm, we are confident that we will continue to grow and succeed.

We are excited to see where Dalton’s leadership and expertise will take us in the future. His promotion to Assistant Owner is a testament to his hard work and dedication to the company, and we congratulate him on this achievement. We are proud to have him as a part of our team and look forward to seeing him continue to make a positive impact on the company.

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