Meet the Newest Graduate of Our Management Training Program: Jordan Thompson

We are thrilled to announce the success story of Jordan Thompson, who recently completed our Management Training Program and is now running his own division here in Nashville! Jordan is a native of Nashville and has had eight years of sales experience before joining our company. When he came across Kulia, he was immediately drawn to the clear opportunity for advancement and knew that this was the place for him to grow.

Jordan completed the Management Training Program in just 12 months, which is a remarkable feat. The program is comprehensive, covering everything from mastering sales for our clients to building and managing a powerhouse sales team, managing client budgets, recruiting, territory management, and managing finances of a division. Throughout his time in the program, Jordan excelled and was an excellent student, always looking for ways to grow.

We are proud to announce that Jordan will now be operating here in Nashville, running a team of his own, and working on behalf of two of our non-profit clients. We are confident that he will bring the same dedication and hard work to his new role that he brought every day while in our Management Training Program.

It’s worth noting that the Management Training Program is open to all, and progression through it is metric and merit-based, not based on an arbitrary length of time or seniority. That means young professionals can go at their own pace, and for those like Jordan, they can supercharge their development and do it quickly. We are proud of our program and are excited to see Jordan’s success as he takes on this new role.

Jordan’s success is a testament to the effectiveness of our Management Training Program and just another reason why Kulia has been attracting top talent in the four years we’ve been in business. The program provides young professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their careers, and Jordan is proof that the program works. Congratulations, Jordan, on this significant achievement, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and your team!

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